Mobile App Development Experts

Element Products specializes in developing mobile applications for business clients in the Boulder and Denver area. As a small firm, we offer personalized service guiding the mobile app development process from start to finish. Element can provide the mobile technology to help your team achieve its business goals.

App Benefits

Over the last few years the world of communication has gone mobile - you either join in or get left behind. Users no longer need to lug around laptops to remain connected and productive.

Native Device Support

Element has extensive experience developing native apps for both Android and Apple iOS devices. Both phones and tablets can easily be supported in your new app. Native apps provide a cleaner, faster and more consistent user experience than web apps, maximizing your businesses productivity. Research studies consistently show that a fast intuitive user interface directly correlates with improved user adoption and frequency of use of a app.

Enterprise Website Conversion

Element specializes in converting existing enterprise websites into highly efficient and user-friendly native apps. In many cases, the same web services you already have in place can be accessed by an app. No additional back end development work may be required.

App Development Process

Custom software development is a very collaborative process. Your team understands their business process and app goals. Element understands the difference between what's technically feasible and what's cost effective.

The development process starts with a discussion of the app concept, the problem it solves, and how it fits into your business goals.
App Scope
Once the concept for the new app is understood, we'll work together with your team to determine the functions required to meet your goals. Prototyping the UI design during the initial scoping effort typically produces the best results.
App Scope
We have a wide range of technical skills to take on even the most complex and challenging projects. Whether using Objective C for Apple iOS or Java for Android, our team has the skills to complete your project on time and on budget.
App Scope
All of our apps go through rigorous in-house testing by our developers and external testing prior to launch.
App Launch
Element supports our clients through both iTunes App Store / Google Play launch and enterprise distribution for internal products. Regardless of how you want users to find and access your custom mobile app, we'll make sure that it's accessible to them.
App Scope

Apps require ongoing support to maintain compatibility with OS changes and feature additions. Founded in 2001, Element has been providing innovative technology solutions to our clients for over 15 years. We will be there to support your team for the long run.

Please email or call (720) 675-8431 today to discuss your app development needs.

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