Element Products is a strong believer in a prototype-early approach to product development. Many of our customers find themselves in the position of needing an early prototype as a proof of concept, for consumer testing, or to aid in securing additional funding. Element Products is well-positioned to produce prototypes rapidly, often within weeks of the start of a project. Many of our contracts are for an initial prototype, with the customer returning later for a production version.

By creating a prototype you can prove out your product, even complex mechanisms, before investing any money in expensive tooling. We utilize all of the most modern methods of mechanical rapid prototyping, including SLA, SLS and other 3D printing technologies. Some of these methods are even durable and cost-effective enough to be used in small production runs when a investment in injection molds is prohibitive.

Design Engineering

Element Products implements rigorous engineering standards to design, prototype, test and deliver all of our projects. We have the ability to design sensing and control systems for as diverse a range of products as you can imagine.

We are microcontroller experts. We have developed successful projects based on the whole range of available microcontrollers, from Sonix, SunPlus and Winbond, to STMicro, TI, Microchip PICmicro, Atmel AVR, 8051, ARM and Propeller. We can produce a production-ready firmware design on a fast schedule. Customer communication is always a top priority at Element Products. We will assess your needs and choose a microcontroller that achieves the right balance between cost, development time and future flexibility. Regardless of the complexity of your application, Element Products' talented developers are well-suited to meet your needs.

One of Element Product's strongest assets is our ability to design products with an eye towards high-volume, low-cost production from the beginning stages of product development. Many consulting firms can perform product development, but very few have the skills necessary to take your product idea into high volume manufacturing in China. Element Products maintains a database of low-cost global components so that we can select the right components from day one and avoid the costly redesign process that often occurs during the transition to volume manufacturing.

We will work with you to give your product the look you want. Element Products knows how to bring together the electronic and mechanical components of a product to make an attractive and functional user interface. We have experience designing the right housings for sensors to improve their performance and durability. We will design all of the plastic parts drafted and ready for injection molding.

Over the years we have learned a lot of lessons that allow us to streamline the development process. Element Products takes a system-level design approach from the beginning, integrating the electrical, firmware and mechanical systems. Often a small change in the electrical design can decrease the programming effort, dramatically saving valuable design time. Our experience can save you time and money and result in a better product.

Below is a list of some of our areas of specific expertise:


Whether for small runs or high-volume production at the lowest cost, Element Products will find the right manufacturing capabilities to meet your needs. We can manage all of the details so that the product just shows up complete at the dock or at your warehouse. In addition to US vendors, we have relationships with some of the best manufacturers in Asia. If you need to compete in the consumer marketplace, we can help you overcome the barriers to low-cost manufacturing.

Equipment & Supplies

Element Products believes in maintaining the latest development and debugging tools. We will design your project with the latest schematic and PCB layout software. We simulate all analog circuits using a SPICE-based simulator prior to prototyping in order to speed development. We will use Pro/Engineer 3D mechanical design tools to complete the whole range of mechanical design tasks. Element Products also has a well-equipped laboratory for completing in-house prototyping to quickly build and test your idea. Our prototyping tools including SMD soldering, a basic machine shop and programmers and emulators for all of the most common microcontrollers. We have debugging equipment to quickly test and verify your prototype including an oscilloscope, logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer and force, torque, speed and temperature measurement gauges. To expedite prototyping, we also maintain an extensive supply of the most common low-cost electrical and mechanical components.

CAD Tools

Element maintains licenses for latest CAD tools.